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Skin Care Packages

When you are ready to commit to changing your skin in a big way, a package of 4-6 sessions is the best way to go.  By buying your treatments in bulk you will not only save money (packages are 10% off of the price of single treatments), you will also be tangibly communicating to yourself that you are ready to change things.  

To receive the discount, all 4 sessions must be booked out at the time of payment.  This way they are in your calendar, and you are more likely to receive them in the timely manner in which they are meant to be utilized.  Appointments can always be moved as needed but having them in your calendar from the start results in the best outcomes.


Another important note about packages

Most often with a package there are diet and lifestyle recommendations as well as home care expectations.  Make sure you are at a good time in your life to practice these.  People who come for all of the treatments but do none of the homework do not see the results of clients who are compliant with all aspects of the package details.  The treatments that I perform are only a piece in the puzzle.  Your own work and desire to heal is necessary for success.

Different skin conditions and treatments will need different levels of  commitment, and it can be intense! But, I am here to help every client through the process.

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