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60 minutes $110

90 minutes $160

120 minutes $230

30 minutes  $60

When booking out 6 appointments, or a standing appointment, a 10% discount will be applied.

appointments can be at any interval up to once a month.



Each massage is customized to your needs and preferences.  Pressure, heat, oils, essential oils, cupping treatment and stretching are all adjusted to create the massage your body needs.

Theraputic touch is a powerful tool, on its own or in combination with other therapies.  Experiment with some of the add-ons below to layer in even more comfort, find more bliss, and achieve deeper levels of relaxation.


Nurturing the body before and after birth is an honor.  Massage can ease the aches, pains, swelling and anxiety that being pregnant can bring.  Massage is also ideal after baby arrives, as a woman heals and becomes accustomed to physical demands of motherhood (and Fatherhood! Dads can benefit from post partum massage too!) I am certified in perinatal massage, and as always, sessions are customized to your needs and comfort. 


Facial massage with reflex point stimulation 

Treatment is performed using hand, crystal and metal wand massage and Between you and the Moon facial products.

30 minutes $45

Face and scalp combo with rosemary and mint oil 

 In addition to the face massage with reflex point stimulation, this encompasses the whole head. Includes essential oils, scalp and ear reflexology. Deeply relaxing, your hair will be oily when you leave.

30 minutes $50

Reiki is a wonderful add on to any massage, for pricing see                                    

Reflexology with Richard

Every massage includes some work on the feet, but to give them a deeper level of attention, book yourself for this treatment with ARCB certified reflexologist, Richard Randig.  Richard brings 15 years of experience and wisdom to your feet! Includes essential oils and hot towels. 

30 minute $45

60 minutes $90

Ear reflexology is not as well known as foot reflexology, but it is just as effective for relieving stress and pain.   Because of the proximity of the ears to the brain and central nervous system, ear reflexology allows for deep relaxation. This unique treatment is available only as an add on to massage, facial, foot reflexology or energy work.

20 minutes  $30

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