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Balancing ones energetic field is a subtle but deeply effective way to heal.  Used alone or to compliment other alternative or allopathic modalities, energetic medicine is ideal as it can do no harm.  The intelligence of  the life force that one invites to do it's work during an energetic healing session  can only serve to bring you closer to your highest good.

Some people receive energy healing for specific emotional purposes, to help them move through life changes with more ease, to comfort themselves during times of mourning or loss, shifting jobs and relationships.  Others come to the work for medical reasons, to relieve pain and promote physical healing.  For some it is their "tune-up", a joyful practice for regular self care and energetic maintenance.

I practice energetic healing using reiki and crystals.  Most often I incorporate essential oils.  These tools can be used singly or in conjunction with each other depending on what is needed or what you feel comfortable with.  Sessions are done fully clothed or in a robe.  If you have any questions about the nature of energetic healing and if it might be for you, I am always happy to answer questions via e-mail or phone.

1 hour $90

90 minutes $130

1/2 hour add on to facial or massage  $20

A series of energy work sessions are usually recommended to fully address  most imbalances or issues, although sometimes one session is all that is needed.  At least 3 visits are good to start.  Booking 6 sessions or more will give you a 10% discount.



I am lucky to have a very special reiki teacher, Richard Randig, my dad!  

A reiki master who is also trained in Karuna fire reiki, Richard is available for reiki healing by request. 

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