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Essential Facial $150
Clarity Facial $200
Radiance and Rejuvenation Facial $200

  By allowing the body's wisdom to lead the way, we can support the skin in functioning optimally.  
This gentle and supportive practice is a joyful path to the skin you want to have.

All facial treatments are done using the incomparable product line BETWEEN YOU AND THE MOON.  The focus is always on herbs and tools that will support your skin to be it's best, rather than control and suppress it.  
Every session includes detailed massage to the neck and feet, integration of crystal work as desired or needed, as well as providing counseling on home care and product recommendations

The Essential Facial

60 minutes  $150

This deeply relaxing facial includes a deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation with herbal steam, and a clay treatment mask.  Minimal extractions.  Lots of massage to the face and scalp, neck, shoulders and feet.

LED add on $20 15 minutes

Gua sha add on $30 20 minutes

pearl powder add on $10

Radiance and Rejuvenation


90 minutes-2 hours   $200

The focus here is  on lifting and brightening, easing the appearance of wrinkles and smoothing the complexion. Lots of active ingredients are included, including an enzyme mask, pearl and silk powder, and hyaluronic acid.    LED phototherapy and extended gua sha are also included.

Clarity Facial

90 minutes-2 hours   $200

This Facial focuses on movement and activation of the lymphatic system to help with acne and inflammation.  Extractions and a post extraction treatment mask are included to further the clearing actions of this treatment.  A clay clay mask and LED phototherapy assist with healing and balancing. Gua sha, of course, is included.



Add a foot reflexology session to your treatment with board certified reflexologist Richard Randig

30 minutes $45

A relaxing warm oil scalp treatment is a blissful addition. Includes scalp massage and stimulation of reflex points with essential oils. 

Your hair will be oily when you leave!

20 minutes $30


Our skin can be a reflection of all aspects of ourselves.  The addition of a crystal body layout and reiki can touch upon issues that are beyond what topical applications can  address.

A package of skincare treatments can be the most effective thing for your face AND your wallet

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